Underrated/Underappreciated showsHarper’s Island (2009)

Why you should watch it:

↪ Harper’s Island is an addictive 13-episode mini-series unlike any show you have ever experienced. A group of family and friends have gathered to celebrate a wedding, and soon find out that there is a killer among them. At least one character is killed off each episode, narrowing down the possible suspects and leaving the remaining wedding guests in a fight for survival. It is a very well-done murder mystery and it will keep you guessing until the very end.

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what do we say to the god of death?

me: sean bean is that way

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Lord of the Rings Online Art


'Thorin has a strange relationship with Orcrist. He is drawn to it because of its obvious beauty and fine craftsmanship, but being an Elvish blade his first instinct is to cast it away. It's a beautiful weapon and fit for a king, but Thorin has an almost love-hate relationship with it because of his history with Elves. He realizes it is a very valuable weapon of the highest quality and Elrond says as much, but it's an Elf blade in the end and Thorin begrudges any favour from the people who withheld their help when it mattered the most.'

                         ~ Richard Armitage, DoS Chronicles Cloaks & Daggers


Just the fact that Christopher Lee said that he “hopes he’ll be around to see the last Hobbit movie” completely breaks my heart.  And the fact that this movie, which is based on his favorite books, may very well be his last movie, makes me want to cry forever.



via @deanogormano


via @deanogormano


"Jalan Atthirari Anni." Moon of My Life

"Shekh Ma Shieraki Anni." My Sun and Stars


Sounds like me.


Sounds like me.




That moment you realize you are Edmund

he almost gets them killed because he wants sweets

we’re still Edmund

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